Utilizing myPlan Lung Cancer in your clinical practice

myPlan Lung Cancer testing should be performed on resected tumor tissue from patients diagnosed with pathological stage I or II lung adenocarcinoma following definitive surgical resection.

myPlan Lung Cancer provides a measure of cancer specific mortality that can help determine post-surgical treatment, such as follow-up frequency and referral to a Medical Oncologist.

myPlan Lung Cancer has been proven to predict the 5-year risk of lung cancer-specific mortality in multiple peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Daniel Oh discusses using myPlan Lung Cancer on early stage NSCLC patients.

Research presented at IASLC 2015

Focusing on Stage 1B patients

Prognostic Multi-Gene Molecular Assay Might Improve Identification of Pathologic Stage IB Lung Adenocarcinoma Patients at Risk for Recurrence

Molecular Risk (n=279)

  • High
  • Low

Study conclusions

This study demonstrates that a validated measure of 5-year lung cancer specific mortality in patients with stage IB adenocarcinoma can identify high risk patients that would have been otherwise designated as low risk according to pathological features.

In the stage IB population, molecular prognostic score provides quantitative risk information above that captured by current NCCN high risk features.

The molecular prognostic score increases the number of high risk patients with resected stage IB lung adenocarcinoma that may be candidates for adjuvant therapy to reduce cancer related mortality relative to the NCCN high risk factors.